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Donna Duck
Background information
Feature films Don Donald
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Clarence Nash
Ruth Peterson
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Daisy Duck
Personality Romantic, tempermental
Appearance Slender duck, beautiful, white feathers, red Mexican headress, white Spanish dancing dress that blends with her feathers color
Occupation Donald's love interest (formerly)
Donald's ex-girlfriend
Alignment Good/Neutral
Home Mexico
Allies Donald Duck (ex-boyfriend)
Whitewater Duck (boyfriend)
Enemies Burros, Daisy Duck
Likes Donald Duck (formerly), being impressed
Dislikes Donald harassing her
Powers and abilities
Fate Became Daisy Duck
Quote "Oh, Donald!"

Donna Duck is precurser to Daisy Duck and Donald Duck's first love interest and his Ex-Girlfriend who dumped him. She first appeared in the 1937 short Don Donald and a comic.


The history of Daisy in animation can be traced to the appearance of her precursor Donna Duck in the cartoon short Don Donald (first released on January 9, 1937). The short was directed by Ben Sharpsteen. The plot had Donald courting Donna somewhere in Mexico. His efforts were frustrated and Donna leaves him alone and rides away in her unicycle by the finale.

DonnaDuck comic

Donna Duck with Daisy in a comic strip from 1951.

The short is important for introducing a romantic interest for Donald. But one should note that Donna had little in common with Daisy other than both being female ducks and sharing a temper. Donna was more or less a female version of Donald both in design and voice. Her voice was provided by Clarence Nash and was a slightly higher version of that of Donald. Donna was not intended as a recurring character and the Donald shorts of the following three years featured no female companion for him.

Donna returned in Bob Karp's Donald Duck daily strips from 1951, where she's a Mexican lady moving in as Donald's neighbour, causing Daisy to be jealous. This contirutes to enstabilsh the two as separate characters, and marks the first time they appear together in a story.
Donna reappeared in a 2012 comic by Lars Jensen and Carlos Mota, called Too many Donalds. In this story, Donna visits Duckburg together with her new boyfriend Whitewater Duck, Donald's cousin.


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