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Donna Cabonna is a character in That's So Raven. Donna Cabonna is a world-renowned fashion designer, and Raven's arrogant, snooty, trashy boss. Her name is a parody of real-life designers Donna Karan and Dolce & Gabbana.


Donna had started Raven as an intern, in which she was often stuck with many tedious jobs such as getting Donna her coffee and picking after her dog Coco. In one episode in Season 4, she makes Raven her "temporary assistant" when Tiffany goes on a business trip. Raven's full devotion to her boss causes Devon to break up with her, but they quickly re-unite after a brief talk. Donna has a boyfriend named Teddy, who is much shorter than her, with whom she plays "break-up and make-up" every weekend. Despite the many conflicts between Raven and her boss, Donna is very supportive of Raven and believes that she could go far in the fashion industry with her talents.



Donna and Tiffany have a professional relationship. Tiffany is Donna's rude assistant who hates Raven's guts. Tiffany usually kisses up to Donna. For example she lies by saying everything is under control and then makes Raven fix whatever it is, but then Tiffany takes the credit. She also agrees with whatever Donna says.


Donna admires her dog so much. Coco is a chihuahua. Coco barks and possibly hates Raven by chewing her butt twice and ripping her design for Boyz 'N' Motion.


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