Donald the Dude is a 1953 Donald Duck comic story.


Donald decides to visit a Dude ranch for two weeks. He leaves ten dozens of sandwiches so Huey, Dewey, and Louie have something to eat while he's away, but they hide in the 313's trunk anyway. The ranch owner asks if the four are coming, and Donald sneezes before he can answer, so the four remain there for the two weeks.

Donald tries to ride a horse, but he mistakenly takes a bronco who drops him. The owner lends tame horses to Donald and his nephews, but Donald sneezes and scares the horse who carries him away. Dewey lassos the horse and ties the other side to his own horse's saddle. Donald also ties his own beak with a napkin to not sneeze, but it doesn't work as the sneeze blows the napkin away. The scared horse takes Dewey, with saddle and all, out of his horse, until they return to the ranch.

The ranch owner brings a doctor who diagnoses Donald's sneezes as an allergy, so he must get away of the local flowers. Donald quickly gets on board the 313, while the nephews decide to remain at the ranch, as the two weeks are paid. Donald goes home to rest, and likely eat his two dozen sandwiches.