Donald Duck and the Garden cover

Donald Duck and the Garden is a Disney Easy Reader book.


Donald starts planting seeds to grow a garden when suddenly Chip and Dale show up and start eating the seeds. Donald chases them away, but figures that they'll come back. When Chip and Dale come back, Donald disguises himself as a scarecrow, sneaks up on them, and scares them away.

Sometime later, the seeds grow into vegetables, and Chip and Dale come back to try to eat the vegetables, but Donald chases them away again. Chip and Dale try sneaking back into the garden at night, figuring that Donald will be sleeping then. However, when they try that, Donald springs a trap on them and scares them away again. Chip and Dale come back the next day, swearing not to run away this time, but this time, Donald sends out a remote-controlled chipmunk to scare them off. When the chipmunks return again, Donald shoots them with his hose and then says that next time they came back, they will not get in.

Donald builds a high fence around his garden and put electrical wires on top of it, preventing Chip and Dale from getting in this time. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Daisy then arrive, because Donald's throwing a party inside. Chip and Dale want to come to the party too, so after some consideration, Donald decides to invite them to the party.