The evolution of Donald Duck's design.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
Tumblr n6s3ajeLQO1qhcrb0o1 1280 The Wise Little Hen (1934) In Donald's debut cartoon, he has a longer bill, a longer neck, and white eyes. His bow tie is black and his hat is white, though official publicity material, such as the poster, would depict him with a red bow tie and blue hat.
ORPHAN'SBENEFIT193458 Orphan's Benefit (1934) In the few black-and-white cartoons Donald appeared in, his shirt is shaded black, while his bow tie is shaded white and his hat is shaded grey, and his feet are oddly black. The colorized version of Mickey's Service Station made his bow tie red and his hat blue. The black shirt/red bow tie/blue hat combination would stay as the character's default outfit in the comics.
1935-fanfare-6 The Band Concert (1935) In his next full-color appearance, Donald's eyes are colored blue for the first time.
Tve19052-19360621-1006 Moving Day (1936) Moving Day marked the first cartoon to feature Donald's more familiar design, with a shorter bill.
Tve19052-19390901-1183 The Autograph Hound (1939) From this short onward, Donald's hat is now blue, and his shirt collar is a darker shade of blue, as opposed to the lighter shade it was previously.
Tumblr nkezf71H2f1qhcrb0o1 1280 Donald's Double Trouble (1946) From 1946 onward, Donald's animated appearances would remove the buttons on his shirt, though they were retained in the comics.
DonaldOnDuckTales DuckTales (1987) Donald never wears his classic sailor suit on the original DuckTales, instead dressing in a Navy uniform (though a photo of him in his regular outfit can be seen in "Nothing to Fear").
Donaldquackpack01 Quack Pack (1996) In this series, Donald's main attire consists of a blue Hawaiian shirt; he is only seen wearing his sailor suit in a flashback in "Leader of the Quack", as well as when he is de-aged to his 1934 design in "Can't Take a Yolk".
1999mikeymanias10104 Mickey Mouse Works (1999) Donald returns to wearing his sailor suit in animation full-time in Mickey Mouse Works, where his bow tie is now colored red like in the comics.
Donald Duck Mickey Mouse (2013) Paul Rudish's design for Donald brings back the buttons on his shirt, while keeping the red bow tie.
Donald DuckTales 2017 DuckTales (2017) Donald's main outfit in the new DuckTales series is black with yellow buttons like in the comics, while his hat has returned to its original white color from the 1930s shorts, and his bow tie is unusually absent. The series premiere explains this by showing him wearing his usual blue shirt and hat with the red bow tie right before he changes into a business suit at the very beginning, as well as in some old family photos. Also taking a cue from the comics, his eyes are colored chalk-white instead of light blue as in previous cartoons.