Donald Cries "Wolf!" is Volume 14 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library. It is an adaptation of the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf starring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.


Mickey and Donald go camping, despite the duck being reluctant and frightened every time a small animal passes by them. Mickey goes to sleep while Donald stays outside, arming himself in fear that a wolf will show up. Wanting to make it through the night, Donald hits the bushes with a stick and calls for Mickey to come out, claiming there is a wolf about. When Mickey doesn't see the wolf, he questions Donald's story, figures that Donald made it up, and goes back to bed. Donald starts growling like a wolf and again gets Mickey to come running out. But again, Mickey figures out the duck's deception, and despite Donald begging him to keep him company, Mickey returns to sleep, saying he's not getting up again for any reason. But sure enough, right after Mickey has gone back to sleep, a wolf really does show up and starts chasing Donald around the campsite. Donald climbs a nearby tree and cries for Mickey to come outside, but the mouse refuses to listen to him, thinking Donald is tricking him again. Donald spends the rest of the night in the tree, until eventually the sun rises and the tired wolf leaves. Mickey wakes up and finds Donald climbing down the tree, pointing to the wolf's footprints and leading Mickey to realize Donald was telling the truth about the wolf this time.