Donald Amca is Turkey's longest-running Disney comics magazine, 1995-2010. And Donald Amca is a bi-weekly entertainment magazine based on Donald Duck and his friends. The magazine has comic stories, games and activity pages.

Donald Amca offered a privilige, Donald Card to its readers in 2000. Donald Card renders several benefits like discounts at certain stores, special trips to card-owners, gifts at their birthdays, surprises, and one page is allocated in the magazine only for card-owners

Egmont and the Milliyet Media Group joined forces to launch two new monthlies in May of 1995, Donald Amca and Mickey Mouse Pocket Book, each with a print run of 60,000 copies. TV and print advertising supported the launch of the two magazines, which combine comics and editorial pages. In addition, a surprise party was held for more than 100 children in a school in Istanbul. Special guests included the famous Children books author Yalvaç Ural, Donald Duck and Goofy.

In the beginning of 1997, this flagship monthly was re-launched by Dogan Egmont Publications, following qualitative research conducted by Nielsen in Turkey. The research showed that children prefer more editorials, more characters and shorter stories. Therefore, the new Donald Amca contains more pages and answers to readers' requests. The launch was supported by a strong advertising campaign.

Its publication ended in 2010.