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Donald's Fire Survival Plan
Donalds fire survival plan
Film information
Directed by: Les Clark
Written by: Bill Bosche
Distributed by: Walt Disney Productions
Release Date(s): May 1965
Running time: 10:48
Language: English

Donald's Fire Survival Plan is an educational animated short starring Donald Duck, which focuses on fire safety. This short featured an introduction by Walt Disney about the importance of fire safety. An updated version of this short was released in August of 1984.



Walt introduces the importance of fire prevention, stressing that more often than not, victims of the fire tend to be small children. Then he turns the film over to Donald Duck. His nephews try to explain to their uncle the importance of fire prevention, but Donald doesn't pay any attention. He then falls asleep, after which he has a dream where his common sense shows to prevent fire in the home by using a bit of forethought, prevention, and a good escape plan. When Donald wakes up, he learns his mistake and goes to proceed with the fire prevention plan his nephews and his conscience told him about.

1984 version

The updated version was made by the Walt Disney Educational Media Company. It is shown mostly in live-action, with some animated scenes. All footage of Walt was removed, as was footage of Donald not in the dream sequence. Most footage of this footage was replaced by live actors assuming the roles of Donald and his nephews. Also, Donald's common sense was now voiced by Hal Smith.



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