Donald's Goofy World is an animated short starring Donald Duck and featuring Goofy from the House of Mouse episode "Gone Goofy".


Donald gets tired of the way Goofy goofs up, but then falls into a dream world where everybody is Goofy – including Donald!



  • Daisy's regular face is briefly seen before Donald bumps into her. Later she shows Goofy's face when she wants to kiss Donald.


  • When Donald is watching TV, the shows are parodies of real TV shows. Goofy the Vampire Slayer is a parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Goofy's Goof Works is a parody of Mickey Mouse Works, Goofeld is a parody of Seinfeld and I Love Goofy is a parody of I Love Lucy.
  • Minnie Mouse does not appear in this episode, making her the only member of the Sensational Six to not have a Goofy counterpart in this episode.
  • Daisy and the nephews' regular faces are briefly seen at the end of the episode.