Donald's Dream is Volume 7 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library storybook series. It is a modern adaptation of Washington Irving's story of Rip Van Winkle starring the characters from the Donald Duck cartoons and comics.


Donald wakes up one morning and decides that it is a perfect day to go fishing. But when he goes to Grandma Duck's farm to borrow her fishing pole and find some worms to use for his fishing trip, she tells him that he has not made good on his promise to help her plant her vegetable garden. Donald claims that there is a hole in his overalls, and he hasn't gotten around to mending them, so he goes home to do that. But he finds that he doesn't have any thread, so he goes to borrow some from Daisy. Unfortunately, she won't help mend his overalls because he hasn't kept his promise to patch up the hole in her roof. Donald notices that he needs to fix Daisy's ladder before he can do that, so he brings it home to fix it. But when he returns home, he finds his garage is a mess, and he also remembers that he left his hammer and nails at Scrooge's mansion. On the way, he passes by Goofy's house and finds that Goofy needs help fixing his bike. Donald realizes he'll need a wrench for that task and goes to borrow Mickey's. While at Mickey's, Donald finds that Pluto is angry at him because he never bought the bones he promised to buy him. Donald admits he doesn't have the money for that because Scrooge hasn't paid him for it. When Donald gets to Scrooge's mansion and picks up his hammer and nails, Scrooge scolds him for the fact that he hasn't gotten around to installing a new alarm system.

Donald returns home and plans to get started on all those chores he has to do, but then he starts reading one of the books he has cluttering up his garage. He doesn't get far into reading the book before he falls asleep. Donald then has a nightmare where he is shown the consequences of failing to keep his promises -- the Beagle Boys successfully steal all of Scrooge's money, Pluto is dying of hunger, Goofy is breaking his back from having to deliver the newspapers without his bike, Daisy's house is flooded, and Grandma's garden is covered in weeds. After seeing all this, Donald wakes up and realizes he still has a chance to do everything he's been putting off. With that, he fixes Daisy's ladder, patches the hole in her roof, installs Scrooge's new alarm, buys some bones for Pluto, borrows Mickey's wrench and uses it to fix Goofy's bike, and finally helps Grandma plant her garden. Afterwards, he finally goes on his fishing trip.