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"Doll House" is the fifty-seventh episode overall and the sixth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


After Harper finds out that her parents are moving to Pittsburgh, the Russos offer to clear out their basement so she can live with them and stay in New York. While Alex and Harper clean out the basement to make room for Harper's things, they find Alex's old doll house. Alex shrinks herself down to fit in the doll house to use as her own art studio, but Jerry and Theresa give the doll house away to a little girl named Olive, with Alex still in it. Unable to use magic to get out, as she had dropped her wand, Alex gets Harper's attention and begs her not to tell Justin. However, Harper tells him and then the pair help Alex, when she makes him buy the doll house back. Meanwhile, Justin tries to sell his "Captain Jim-Bob Sherwood Farmhouse Space Command Module" which is worth $400.


  • Shrinka dink, shrinka dank, shrinka dunk – makes certain objects shrink. This spell also makes Alex turn back big.


  • While Harper and Alex are moving Harper's stuff into the basement, the plans for the mural in the episode Paint By Committee are visible on Alex's easel, as is the painting from Art Teacher.

Guest starring

  • Yara Shahidi as Olive, Gregg Binkley as Randy

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