The Dola Gang is a group of air pirates led by Captain Dola. They try to chase Sheeta and Pazu, but later end up teaming up with them. At first they are the antagonists, but soon show that their nice side, most of them falling for Sheeta.

Notable Members


Charlie is one of the gang and sons of Dola. Charlie was provide voiced by Takumi Kamiyama. Charlie has brown beard and brown hair he has gray eyes. Charlie wears a brown outfit and orange hood and pink pants


Louis is Dola's second son in her gang from Castle in the Sky. He was voiced by Bob Stuart  and Mandy Patikin. Louis has a brown hair and gray eyes he wears a orange hood and brown sweater and pink pants with black belt.


Henry is Dola's third son in her gang. Henry wears white hat with green line and white coat and pink underneath.

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