Dojo Day Afternoon is the fourth episode of the first season of the Disney XD series Kickin' It.


Jack tries to impress the other Wasabi Warriors by breaking a board. Jerry is not impressed though until the cinder-blocks underneath his board crumble too. Rudy struggles with the toilet in his office which is old and worn out. The members of the dojo want to meet the new mall owner until they discover that their dojo will be turned into a parking lot. Mr. Turner and his son Arthur come to the Bobby Wasabi Dojo to discuss things with Rudy. As soon as his dad is out of sight, Arthur acts extremely rude to the martial artists. Jack shows his skills by literally kicking the head off of a practice dummy into the nail salon across the mall. Arthur starts twirling a pole and breaks all of the trophies. Before Rudy can come out, he passes the pole to Milton but Rudy is nice even after finding out who really did it, so Mr. Turner won't tear down the dojo. Kim is angry with the lead news reporter at school, who only gives her easy stories because she's "just another pretty face". Jack tries to confront Rudy about Arthur's true nature, but he is too distracted with his new robotic toilet which dispenses pancakes and syrup. Arthur gives the Wasabi Warriors a "punching dummy" to replace the one Jack kicked the head off of. When Jerry punches it it punches him back. Arthur tries to attack Jack, but Jack reacts and throws him, literally, into the wall. Rudy tries to cover up for Jack but Mr. Turner says that either Jack gets kicked out or the dojo will be destroyed. Rudy refuses to dismiss Jack, causing Turner to begin carrying out his plans and takes the robotic toilet back. The martial artists do a sit in so that their dojo cannot be destroyed, but Milton crawls through the vents to the nail salon for food, Kim leaves to report on the sit-in before the other school reporter can, and Jerry leaves to give their negotiations. When the other reporter almost gets hit with the wrecking ball, Kim jumps in and saves her. Mr. Turner has qualms about what's happening and tries to stop the wrecking ball but Arthur gets in and swings it. Jack and Arthur fight with Jack coming out on top. Mr. Turner finally realizes that his son is not a good kid and takes him out of the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. Milton is still at the nail salon, getting his nails done and giving advice to a woman. Rudy's robotic toilet returns but leaves jealous because Rudy had used another toilet.