"Doggone Biscuits" is the thirty-second episode of Mickey Mouse.


Minnie is in big trouble after she inadvertently feeds Pluto an entire bag of dog treats.


Voice Cast


  • This is the third Minnie Mouse-themed episode (the first two were "Eau de Minnie" and "Clogged"), with the title card saying "Minnie Mouse" instead of the usual "Mickey Mouse."
  • The sweater was very similar to Pluto's Sweater.
  • Mickey singing about seeing Pluto is to the tune of; "How Do You Do and Shake Hands" from Alice In Wonderland?
  • Pete's role and appearance as a dogcatcher in this short is similar as seen in the classic Mickey Mouse short The Worm Turns.
  • It reveals that Minnie used to be fat before going into the sauna.