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Doga is a witch-like Jumon/Shaman, but far more capable in magic, in the Jetix series Pucca. She is normally a background character, but is now that, in the episode the "Sooga Super Squad", she falls in love with Master Mell (Master Soo's brother). 

Role in the Series

She was featured most prominently in "The Usual Ching", "Pucca's Fishy Tale", "Hex Door Neighbor", "Double A Attack" and "Super Sooga Squad". Pucca is considered her mortal enemy, because Pucca's positivism topped Dooga's gloom and doom. She has black tear markings on her face that runs from her eyes to her chin. She (almost) never speaks, except in the episodes where she is featured as the villain. Doga has a small, curved dagger strapped to her back that she hardly ever uses. But in "A Pucca Story", Doga uses it to fight Abyo, but she was no match for him. she helps in the village or out in the series (attending Garu's birthday and helping the chefs make a giant noodle). Doga, in "Super Sooga Squad", falls in love with (and even kisses) Master Soo's evil brother. In "Double A Attack", she turns good and even has normal girl clothes.

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