"Dog Show" is the eleventh episode of Mickey Mouse.  



After Pluto gets injured, Goofy is forced to substitute for a dog show that Mickey entered Pluto in.


Mickey and Pluto are preparing for a dog show, hoping they can win and gain prize money to donate for an orphan's shelter. Goofy decides to play with Pluto, but accidentally injures Pluto in an accident. With Pluto out of commission, Mickey worries about missing his opportunity, after he sees Goofy behaving like a dog, he realizes that he still has a chance.

Mickey enters Goofy in the show, but in each of the events, Goofy comically messes it up, such as begging like a human during the begging section. For the final part, an obstacle course, Goofy attempts to clear the course by using a rocket, only to fail in the end. Enraged at Goofy's performance, Mickey performs everything in the show. However, one of the judges notices Mickey's performance and, impressed, offers the prize.


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