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Dodo Pat
Background information
Feature films Alice in Wonderland
Short films
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games Mickey Mousecapade (Japanese version)
Park attractions Alice's Curious Labyrinth
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Bill Thompson (original)
Jeff Bennett (briefly)
Bill Farmer (currently)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Polite, absent-minded, boastful, helpful, cheerful
Appearance Obese dodo bird, white feathers, black hat, white wig, clad in blue clothing
Occupation Caucus Race leader, sailor
Alignment Good
Goal To stay dry and burn the White Rabbit's house down with the monster inside
Home Wonderland
Allies A group of birds, fishes and crustaceans, the White Rabbit, Bill the Lizard, Alice
Enemies The Queen of Hearts (possibly)
Likes Drying off, his smoke pipe
Dislikes Getting wet, monsters
Powers and abilities Skilled motivator
Weapons His match (to burn poor Alice as the giant, "his monster", out of the White Rabbit's house}
Fate Continues to try to burn the house down not knowing that Alice was the monster inside and that there is no more monster inside, then no longer exists since Alice awoke from her dream.
Quote "We'll smoke the monster out!♪"

Dodo, otherwise known as Pat the Dodo, is a character from Disney 1951 film Alice in Wonderland. He is in charge of handling the Caucus Race, an event in which everyone runs at an equal pace and in a circle in an attempt to get dry. He plays a much larger role than in the book. He is a mixure between the Dodo and Pat the Gardener.

He has been voice by Bill Thompson, Jeff Bennett and Bill Farmer.


Alice in Wonderland

Dodo is first seen as Alice is floating on the sea in a bottle. Dodo is seen singing, but when Alice asks him for help, he does not notice here. On shore, Dodo is seen on a rock, organizing a caucus race. This race involves running around until one gets dry, but the attempts are hampered by incoming waves.

Dodo is later summoned by the White Rabbit, when the rabbit believes a monster, actually Alice having magically grown to a giant size, is inside his home. Dodo brings Bill the Lizard, and attempts to get him to go down the chimney. Bill refuses at first, but Dodo is able to convince him otherwise. However, the soot causes Alice to sneeze, sending Bill high up into the sky. Dodo then decides to burn the house down, much to the chagrin of the White Rabbit. He begins gathering wood, such as the furniture, for this purpose. However, Alice is soon able to return to a smaller size and exit the house.

The White Rabbit soon leaves, while Dodo asks for matches, not realizing that the situation has been resolved. He then asks Alice for a match, but when she doesn't have any, Dodo complains about the lack of cooperation and uses his pipe to light the fire.


The Dodo is seen in many Disney comics of the Mickey Mouse universe. In a story, he meets Grandma Duck ('Inducks code: WCP 6-07). In another, entitled Unbirthday party with Alice in Wonderland, Alice comes back to Wonderland in going throw her looking glass (Inducks code: WOS 341-02) and meets the Dodo a second time. In The White Rabbit and the Magic Watch, the White Rabbit meets during a race various Wonderland characters, including the Dodo. In A Day in Wonderland (Inducks code: WUSGD 1-04), part of the frame story Uncle Scrooge goes to Disneyland (Inducks code: W USGD 1-01), Alice invites Daisy Duck to see the Wonderland, and she meets various Wonderlander characters, including the Dodo. In the Brazilian story No País Das Maravilhas (Inducks code: B 780227), the Red Bat (Fethry Duck's superheroe identity) goes to Wonderland to catch a thief who took refuge there, and meet the Dodo and other Wonderland characters. In Dangerous diggings (Inducks code: WOS 941-02), Mickey's nephews dig a tunnel to Wonderland and meet various Wonderland characters, including the Dodo. The brazilian remake of this story, Natal Muito Doido (Inducks code: B 820199, with the Beagle Boys taking the place of the nephews, doesn't contain the Dodo.

Mickey Mousecapade

The Dodo appears as the second boss in this Nintendo game, but only in the Japanese version. In the American release, he is replaced by Tick-Tock the Crocodile.

House of Mouse

Dodo makes a cameo appearance during the opening theme, alongside Bill the Lizard.


The Dodo has a Vinylmation and a plush toy made by the Disney Store.

Disney Parks

Alice's Curious Labyrinth

The Dodo appears leading the caucus race in this walkthrough hedge maze.



Dodo is one of the few Disney characters to have five fingers while a majority have four.


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