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"Dodge-A-Rooney" is the seventh episode of Liv & Maddie.


When Liv decides to volunteer at the senior center where Maddie works, chaos ensues and the seniors get the girls involved in a rowdy game of dodge ball to claim their turf. Meanwhile, Diggie puts Joey and Skippy as Paulie the Porcupine's protectors. But when the porcupine breaks Parker gives them "Parker's Paste".[1]


Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Ryan McCartan as Diggie
  • Allen Alvarado as Skippy Ramirez
  • Dennis Cockrum as Baxter Fontanel
  • Jill Basey as Janet Budge


  • Carol Mack as Golden Chord #1
  • Trina Parks as Golden Chord #2

International Premiere

  • 22 November, 2013 (Disney Channel Australia)


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