Doctor Syclocks is the villain of the Super Goof comic story "The Strange case of Doctor Syclocks" by Bob Ogle and Paul Murry. He steals rubies from jewelry clocks and uses cuckoo clocks as bombs, and always emits a noisy "tick tock". he is eventually found to be a defective clockwork man created by Gepetto.

In "A Volta Do Dr. Tictac?" the Red Bat faces a jewelry thief and when he describes him to Chief O'Hara, he quickly recognises him as Dr. Syclocks. However, it actually is Idgit the Midget in disguise, who did it as a diversionary tactic to have the police guarding jewelries while he and his partner Dangerous Dan robbed the bank. However, they are found by the police because they didn't follow Syclocks' Modus Operandi, as they used dynamite and stole more than just rubies.