Doctor Heffel is the head physicist of the Energy Research Laboratory in The Cat from Outer Space.


When the army brought Jake's ship to the base and an energy core to the lab, Dr. Heffel introduced them to the scientists, one of them, Mr. Stallwood, was kicked out for entering a high-level meeting.

After showing the energy core, they have no clue how it works, Liz suggested to bring Frank but Heffel declines until the general approved to bringing him in. However, given his comedic-hearted attitude and theory on the power source, which was ridiculed by the rest of the staff, Dr. Heffel threw him out.

During the process of the ship of the fingerprints and cat fur, they run through the computer to identify the DNA, to their surprise it belongs to Frank Wilson. Studying the fur, it came out a cat but everyone disbelief it until General Stilton notify his team about Frank having a cat to which they agreed.


  • According to Frank, he's not fond of animals in the Energy Research Laboratory.