Doc is one of Eli Shane's favorite Slugs. He is a rare Boon Doc. He used to belong to Billy, leader of the HooliGang, who were terrorizing Quiet Lawn Cavern. Doc can heal almost any wound, as well as reverse the ghouling process. He can also make a shield. Due to Billy never using him in a duel, he is always eager to please and show what he's made of. Doc has left the Shane gang to become a guardian since shown to be the only one worthy. In the episode "What Lies Beneath", he becomes a Guardian Slug, showing he's now the most powerful of Eli's Slugs. In the episode "Bright as Day", he returns to help Eli stop Blakk's terraportal. And after that he comes back to Eli.

Major Events

  1. Billy rejects Doc, and Eli takes him in.(The Slugout)
  2. Doc discovers that he can cure Ghouls.(The Slugout)
  3. Doc saves Bullseye Cavern with the help of some Fandango slugs.(Shadows and Light)
  4. Doc cures the ghouled Mecha-Beasts.(Mecha Mutiny)
  5. Doc liberates all the ghouls in one of Blakk's bunkers.(The New Kid Part 1)
  6. Doc becomes a Guardian Slug and leaves the Shane Gang.(What Lies Beneath).
  7. Doc returns to the Shane Gang and heals all of the Ghouls in Blakk Industries.(Light as Day)

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Minor healing powers, like a warm compress, topical ointment or localized antidote.
  • Healswarm - Emits a powerful light glow that can heal a Ghouled Slug.