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Bayou Boogie

"Do What I Wanna Do" is a song featured in The Princess and the Frog Bayou Boogie album. It is performed by Keith David as Doctor Facilier


Spoken: Psst… Hey! Come here!

If you’re down on the bayou
Feel free to stop on by
I got cures for whatever ails you
And you won’t believe your eyes
I don’t reveal my secrets
Might not always tell the truth
But I dance to the beat of my own drum
And I do what I wanna do, ooh
I got recipes for disaster
And remedies for pain
Mix up my own concoctions
That no one can explain
You might not even know it if I cast a spell on you
See, I don’t care if you think it’s fair
‘Cause I do what I wanna do
Some folks say I’m sneaky
Some folks say I’m sly
They’re all on pins and needles
Whenever I walk by
I can tell you ‘bout your future
I can read most all the signs
Might cut you a deal
If you’re a friend of mine
But I still hold all the power in this hypnotic Rue
I take all of your suggestions
But I do what I wanna do
Do what I wanna do
I do what I want, what I wanna do
I do what I want, what I wanna do
OOH! *evil laugh*

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