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Dixon (voiced by David Razowsky)[1][2] is Ms. Tonitini's boyfriend shares the interests of Tino and his friends (such as being a Captain Dreadnought fan, a Shakespeare reader, having a degree in literature, being a shoe fanatic, athletic, and a Scottish games champion) and has a childlike personality. Nevertheless, he is a responsible parental figure, especially when bringing up his 14-year-old daughter Moira. He has the tallest head of any of the characters.

Appearance and Personality

  • Dixon, despite having occasional difficulties with his spine, is able to kick himself in the back of the head.
  • He first appears as a volunteer when Tino and his friends volunteer to gain invitations to the grand opening of Tesla Park.
  • In the episode "Brain Envy", he claims to be good at cooking,sports, art, science, carpentry and Ukrainian folk dancing.



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