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Disneynature is an independent film label of The Walt Disney Company, founded on April 21, 2008 as a division of the Walt Disney Studios. Its releases consist of independent nature documentary films. Headquartered in Paris, France, it is the only Disney subsidiary not headquartered in the United States.


Disney veteran Jean-Francois Camilleri, who has served as senior vice president and general manager for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures France is the head of the new unit. Disneynature is based in France, where Camilleri and his team oversees the initiation, development and acquisition of high quality feature projects.

The first film released domestically under the new label was the American version of Earth, from award-winning British producer/director Alastair Fothergill, whose credits include the landmark Planet Earth series for the BBC and The Discovery Channel and The Blue Planet. Earth, produced by BBC Worldwide and Greenlight Media and co-directed by Mark Linfield, was released in cinemas internationally in 2007. It premiered in the U.S. on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

The first new production to be released by Disneynature was announced to be The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos. The world premiere of the film took place in Bordeaux, France on October 26, 2008, and was released internationally throughout 2009.

Disneynature was the official sponsor for the 2009 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.


Film Year Budget Worldwide Gross Production Studio Release Date
$43,000,000 (estimated)
Greenlight Media AG
BBC Worldwide
BBC Natural History Unit
Discovery Channel
UK November 16, 2007
US April 22, 2009
$30,000,000 (estimated)
France 3 Cinema
France 2 Cinema
Participant Media
UK November 6, 2009
US April 22, 2010
The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos
Kudos Pictures
Natural Light Films
UK September 25, 2009
US October 19, 2010
African Cats
Forum Hungary
UK April 20, 2012
US April 22, 2011
Wings of Life
Blacklight Films
FR March 16, 2011
US April 16, 2013
Jane Goodall Institute
Blacklight Films
US April 20, 2012
US April 18, 2014
Monkey Kingdom
US April 17, 2015
Born in China
Shanghai Media Group
US April 21, 2017

Disneynature iceberg castle

Disneynature iceberg castle logo, as seen in the beginning of every Disneynature documentary.

The logo of Disneynature is an iceberg that resembles Cinderella Castle, a structure that also serves as the logo for Walt Disney Pictures.

The music for the Disneynature logo was composed by Mark Mancina who recorded his score at the Sony Scoring Stage on March 21, 2008 with the Hollywood Studio Symphony, conducted by Don Harper.

See also

  • True-Life Adventure - Walt Disney's Academy Award-winning nature film series, and the first nature film series produced by Disney.
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