Disneyland Park The Official Album (2001 CD)

Disneyland Park: The Official Album was the official album for Disneyland in 2001. Two versions of this album were released with one containing the extra track "Parade of the Stars". It is no longer in print.

Track listing

  1. "All Aboard!" - Main Street Station – 0:32
  2. "Flitterin'" - Main Street – 1:45
  3. "The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room" - The Enchanted Tiki Room (2:38)
  4. "The Indiana Jones Adventure" - Temple of the Forbidden Eye (3:27)
  5. "Swanee River" - New Orleans Square (1:25)
  6. "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" - The Pirates of the Caribbean (5:45)
    • Medley: Overture & Burning City - "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)"
  7. "Grim Grinning Ghosts" - The Haunted Mansion (5:38)
    • Medley: Foyer, Ballroom, Graveyard - "Grim Grinning Ghosts", Exit, & Little Leota
  8. "Splash Mountain" - Splash Mountain (8:08)
  9. "The Great Outdoors" - Country Bear Vacation (2:10)
  10. "Finale" - Fantasmic! (3:31)
  11. "All Aboard the Mine Train" - Frontierland (1:46)
  12. "It's a Small World" - It's a Small World (3:54)
  13. "Thru the Mirror" - Downtown ToonTown (2:14)
  14. "Parade of the Stars" (Only on #60047-7)
  15. "Star Tours" - Star Tours (4:07)
    • Medley: Queue Commercial Score #1 & Ride Score
  16. "Space Mountain" - Space Mountain (2:47)
  17. "Believe... There's Magic in the Stars" - Fireworks Spectacular (10:10)


  • Compilation Executive Producer: Randy Thornton
  • Production Assistant: Valerie Van de Yacht
  • Mastered by Jeff Sheridan at SoundWorks, Hollywood, CA
  • Additional Research: Heather Neidenbach at Walt Disney Imagineering Sound Department
  • Additional Digital Transfers: Steve Litten at Walt Disney Imagineering Sound Department
  • Additional Mixes by Jeff Sheridan at SoundWorks, Hollywood, CA and Randy Thornton
  • Album Art Direction: Steve Sterling
  • Special Thanks to Rob Hershenson, Wendy Leitman, Glenn Barker, Susan Whiteley
  • Note that early printings (#60684-7) show on the back a picture from the Walt Disney World version of Splash Mountain with side-by-side seating, which was corrected (#60047-7) to show the Disneyland version with single seating.
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