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Disneyland East or Disneyland New York would have been located on the site of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair at Flushing Meadows in Queens, NY. After the completion of the World’s Fair in 1965, Walt Disney thought the site would be the perfect place for an east coast Disneyland seeing as he already had 4 attractions on the site and figured he could easily convert it into a theme park. All four of Walt’s attractions have made it to Disney Theme Parks around the world: It's a Small World; Progressland, later known as Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress; Ford’s Magic Skyway, later to become the PeopleMover; and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, that would later become the Hall of Presidents.

Disney had Buzz Price research the prospect of building the next Disneyland in New York versus Florida. Price’s multiple page report, concluded that Florida was a much better location because of weather. Florida would allow for a year round resort destination; whereas New York winters would have significantly impacted revenue. Additionally, Price stated that people travel to New York to visit Broadway, museums, and landmarks, and not for theme parks.

When Disney decided to build the east coast Disneyland in Florida, the attractions were disassembled and sent to Disneyland where they still remain today with the exception of the Carousel of Progress, which later got sent to the Magic Kingdom Park in Florida. Eventually, EPCOT would be built as a permanent World’s Fair.