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100 Years of Magic is a Disney on Ice show that opened on September 3, 1999. It has also been known as All Star Parade and The Magical World of Disney on Ice. Over 50 Disney characters are in this show. The show is choreographed by Sarah Kawahara.


Opened on September 3, 1999, 100 Years of Magic, has also been known as All Star Parade and The Magical World of Disney on Ice. In 2004, the characters from A Bug's Life were dropped and Jessie from Toy Story 2 and the characters from Finding Nemo and The Incredibles were added in 2005. Stitch was later added to the show since 2007 as well.

By 2015, Daisy Duck , Chip and Dale , Mrs. Potts and Chip, Bruce, Foulfellow, Gideon, Monstro, Pocahontas, John Smith, Stitch, The Incredibles, and It's a Small World were omitted and characters from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen are now added to this show. This variant of the show features a different look of the castle and a more specific plot where Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald explore various Disney film segments to give them ideas in making their movie.

Stories represented in the show

The previous stories represented in the show were:

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