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Disney Villains Designer Collection is an doll collection that is made up of six villains: Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, Ursula, The Evil Queen, and Mother Gothel. They came out October 16, 2012 and they are each priced at $79.50 in the United States of America. Like the Princesses, there is going to be a nail polish, diaries, and a tote bag.

The Dolls

  • Cruella De Vil—Cruella De Vil is one of the designer dolls. She has a pipe, her hair is different from the one from the movies, she has a more provocative outfit that has a gem in it and it sparkly.
  • Queen of Hearts—The Queen of Hearts is another designer doll but she is increasingly thinner than the original Queen of Hearts. Her dress has many ruffles and it goes out, and she has a gold crown and a stick with a heart on top of it.
  • Maleficent—She is another one of the designer dolls, she has a cane with her green orb on the top, she has a more provocative outfit as well, and she has her hair instead of a hat that makes her hair stand up as if devil horns.
  • Ursula—She is another one of the designer dolls and she is increasingly thin as well. Her hair is different and is in a beehive instead her original hair. She has a huge dress on that looks like tentacles, and she has a gold orb that she holds.
  • The Evil Queen—She is another one of the designer dolls and she looks almost as she does in the movie. She has a purple cape and she has a gold crown, and she has exceedingly long eyelashes.
  • Mother Gothel—She is another one of the designer dolls, and she has a red dress on that has a train in the back. Her hair is in a beehive and has a golden hair holder in her hair.


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