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Maleficent's Council of Disney Villains, or simply the Villains Council, are major antagonists in the popular Disney/Square Enix game, Kingdom Hearts. They reluctantly collaborate with each other in order to harness the secrets of the Keyblade through dastardly means.


Kingdom Hearts

Maleficent had the rest of the group searching for the Keyholes of their home world, and the seven Princesses of Heart. Pete was off increasing the number of Heartless in the meantime. Maleficent also took in Riku when he arrived in Hollow Bastion, manipulating him with lies and promises of power. At the same time, Sora was taking down the other members of the group as he journeyed to her lair. However, Maleficent had succeeded in gathering the seven princesses (Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, Jasmine, Belle and Kairi) and enacted the ritual to reveral the Keyhole to the Darkness. Unfortunately, Maleficent ultimately meet her demise when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness unlocked the darkness in her own heart.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The members of the group appears as illusion created by the World Cards.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Captain Hook and Pete appear. Captain Hook discovered some treasure maps, deciding to dig up all off Neverland to find the treasure; however, it was a trap by Pete to use the pirate's greed to conjure up more Heartless for Maleficent's army. Pete also travels to Agrabah, to find Jafar's lamp. However, he is foiled by a run-in with Roxas and Xion.

Kingdom Hearts II

Pete learns of Maleficent's demise, only to be later shocked by her ressurection. Pete made contact with Hades, wanting to turn Hercules into a Heartless; however, he ultimately flees after a humuliating defeat. Maleficent then attempts to conquer Disney Castle by meddling in the past; however, Sora evicts Pete from the past and seals his portal behind him. Pete goes to Port Royal, where he gains allies in Captain Barbossa and his crew; however, he flees again when things go south. Maleficent visits Halloween Town herself, resurrecting Oogie Boogie; however, he annoys her away, leading to his demise again. Pete goes back to Agrabah for Jafar's lamp, but is foiled again; he journeys to the Pride Lands, where he gives Scar control of the Heartless, and turns him into one when he loses to Simba. During the Battle of Hollow Bastion, they lose control of the Heartless to Organization XIII. Maleficent and Pete later infiltrate The Castle That Never Was, helping Sora's group reach Xemnas in exchange of the castle.

Kingdom Hearts coded

Pete is accidently sucked into the Datascape along with Mickey's group. He calls in Maleficent, and though she knew nothing of data, both knew that the could use the data on the Heartless Jiminy had recorded, to amass an army to conquer the worlds outside. They cut off Mickey's way back outside, destroy Data-Sora's Keyblade and kidnap Data-Riku, infecting him with Bug Blox; however, Data-Sora creates a new Keyblade through the strength of his heart and debugs Data-Riku, reconnecting the path. Maleficent and Pete are rescued from Sora's Heartless and escorted back outside the Datascape.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Ursula attacks Sora and Riku at the beginning of their Mark of Mastery Exam. Maleficent and Pete hold Queen Minnie hostage to get the Datascape from Mickey; however, Lea's intervention causes them to flee. A past version of Pete also causes chaos in Country of the Musketeers. Master Xehanort later reveals that the reason behind Maleficent gathering the Princesses of Heart was all his doing; the princesses' hearts are the seven lights that came into existence when the χ-blade shatter into 20 pieces.

Current Members

  • Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty): The leader of the council and the one who brought the group together; her lust for power was used against her by Master Xehanort, who needed a backup plan for creating the X-blade if he was unable to move on his own. She supplies the villains with a ready supply of Heartless, and they in turn aid her in her plans by locating the Keyholes and any Princesses of Heart that are there. Her master plan ends with only her, Hades, and Riku left standing of the entire council. After facing Sora, she too met her demise.
  • Pete (from the Mickey Mouse universe): a former steamboat captain, who became a follower of Maleficent and a commander of her Heartless army. He is the co-founder of the council & Maleficent's second in command. In the first game, Maleficent held meetings at Hollow Bastion with the other Disney Villains, in which they would receive orders from her directly. However, in the second game, Maleficent seems to have been a lot busier, looking after important matters that happened following her "death". As such, she was never able to hold direct meetings, although she seems to have had connections with the other villains like Scar and Barbossa. Instead, Pete served as a sort of emissary, delivering orders or possibly recruiting allies in the field. Noticeably, Pete is the only member to be the main antagonist of one of the Kingdom Hearts game (Kingdom Hearts II, though he shares this role with Xemnas).
  • Jafar (from Aladdin): Jafar is the one most concerned with carrying out Maleficent's orders. Jafar is inquisitive and spends most of the time at the meetings asking questions such as why the Heartless were drawn to a specific world. He uses his control of the Heartless to lay siege to Agrabah to locate the Keyhole and kidnap Jasmine, one of the seven Princesses of Heart. In the end, he is defeated by Sora, much to Hades's disgust. He was believed to be 2nd-in-command, until Kingdom Hearts II revealed that Pete is actually 2nd-in-command. 
  • Hades (from Hercules): Hades seems to have mixed feelings about the group. While he considers himself a member, he prefers to work on his own and flat out tells Maleficent to stay out of his business. Maleficent warns him not to let his hatred and anger burn too fiercely or the darkness will consume him. Ironically, Hades is the only council member that isn't consumed by darkness and one of two council members who outlived Maleficent.
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid): This wicked sea witch is the only female member other than Maleficent. She seems to be one of the lower ranking members. Out of all the villains, Usrula is the only one who uses aquatic Heartless; it is possible she's responsible for their creation. Unlike Jafar and Oogie, Ursula tends to keep her comments to herself unless she believes her suggestions may prove beneficial to the group, given she chose to stay quiet during the discussion about Clayton's darkness being the bait that lured the Heartless to Deep Jungle.
  • Scar (from The Lion King): This Lion was one of the two members in Kingdom Hearts 2 recruited by Pete to be a part of the council. Unlike the rest of the council, Scar is the only bipedial and non-humanoid member. It is unclear as to whether he is aware of the other members associated with the council, however, Scar's association with the heartless enabled him to have a heartless spirit right after Scar let go off the cliff due to the strength of his darkness. His darkness continued to linger even after his death.

Former Members

  • Ansem: The true mastermind and leader of the council, Ansem Seeker of Darkness had manipulated Maleficent and the other Disney villains right from the start.  None of the other villains knew they were being set up and tricked. He used the council to bring him the seven Princesses of Heart which he could use to unlock Kingdom Hearts and engulf all worlds in darkness. He made himself visible to Maleficent when he possessed Riku and unlocked her inner darkness. After her death, Ansem revealed himself as the true leader of the Council.
  • Riku: The only non-Disney villain that was a part of the council and the last member to join. His functions as an apprentice of sorts to Maleficent and travels to several worlds (such as Neverland and Monstro) to do Maleficent's bidding. While Maleficent claims that she sees him as a son of sorts, she is really using him for his ability to wield a keyblade. He is one of the two council members who outlived Maleficent.
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan): Hook, like Jafar, goes out of his way to help Maleficent's agenda by kidnapping Wendy (whom he believes to be a Princess of Heart), trying to steal the Keyblade for Riku, and lending his ship for the villains to use as a vessel. Despite being unaware of what exactly Maleficent's master plan is, he appears to know a little more of Maleficent's goals than the other villains. Unlike the other members of the group, Hook lacks any magical or darkness-enhanced abilites. After his loss to Sora, Hook can no longer control the Heartless and they unfortunately become attracted to the darkness his greed creates.
  • Oogie Boogie (from The Nightmare Before Christmas): A villainous bag of bugs. Oogie has been shown to annoy the other Disney villains in some cutscenes, seen when he tells Captain Hook that "you're no prize yourself," after which Hook angrily tells him to shut up. He is also the most sassy of the group. Unlike the other members, Oogie lacks a heart (or simply because he lacks one the correct size); this lead to him swallowing Dr. Finklestein's experimental heart to gain control of the Heartless. Unlike the others, Oogie lacks any real combat abilities, relying on traps instead. In Kingdom Hearts 2, he was revived by Maleficent to continue forth the objectives of the council, however, he changed his intentions after purposefully preventing Maleficent from turning Santa Claus into a heartless. This made Maleficent banish Oogie Boogie from the council.
  • Captain Barbossa (from the Pirates of the Caribbean films): This pirate allied with Pete in order to be prepared for Sora, Donald and Goofy arriving at his world. Barbossa calls for Pete aid in order to gain more heartless at his disposal. Due to the sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean depicting Barbossa as a protagonist, it can be safely assumed that he is no longer in any affiliation with the Disney Villains Council nor does he intend to work with them again.


  • Maleficent's Goons: Ugly creatures resembling humanoid boars and birds that are completely loyal to her. They defend the Forbidden Mountain, keeping intruders out of Maleficent's castle. Maleficent didn't take them with her when she destroyed her world, leaving them to perish with it until it was restored at the end of Kingdom Hearts.
  • Diablo: Maleficent's pet raven, who acts as her eyes, ears, and messenger. Unlike her Goons, Maleficent cares very deeply about Diablo and doesn't mistreat him.
  • Iago: Jafar's pet parrot, who can understand human speech and speak it fluently. Just as devious as his master, Iago serves as Jafar's eyes and ears when he is not around, often spying on Jafar's adversaries. Despite the abuse he suffers, Iago remains loyal to Jafar until Kingdom Hearts II, where he switches sides to Aladdin.
  • Pain and Panic: Two imps who serve Hades. Pain and Panic fear Hades losing his cool, so they are often jumpy when in meetings with him. Their only appearance so-far has been in Kingdom Hearts II. They have the power to shape-shift at will, but have not fought Sora or any other heroes in the series, so far.
  • Cerberus: Guardian of the Underworld. A three-headed dog with mouths full of sharp teeth, Cerberus loyally carries out his master's orders; he can also breathe fireballs and command dark smoke. Worn-down or at full strength, Cerberus is no match for the power of a Keyblade. 
  • Mr. Smee: Captain Hook's second-in-command of the Jolly Roger. Smee is as block-headed as Hook is annoying, which means he's not that bright, but he sometimes has moments where he is smarter than his captain. He loyally serves Hook, obeying every order, but is not above speaking his mind when he finds fault with Hook's plans.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam: Two eels that serve Ursula. Similar to Iago, both serve Ursula mostly by serving as "cameras" (whatever their golden eyes see appears on Ursula's crystal ball) for spying on others. Unlike the other minions, Flotsam and Jetsam are treated well; when Sora destroys them, Ursula appears outraged.
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel: Three rotten pranksters living in Halloween Town. They serve Oogie Boogie out of fear of being made ingredients for his "snake and spider stew", yet respect how scary he can be. When it comes to teamwork, they are truly a dysfunctional group, often arguing over what to do and blaming Barrel for any ideas they had when they get caught. When it comes to combat, they are about as hard as low-level Heartless.
  • Others: Minions commanded by the villains not seen attending meetings with Maleficent. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are hyenas that serve Scar, while the Undead Pirates serve Barbossa.


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