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Tokyo DisneySea Mysterious Masquerade

A poster for the show.

Disney TokyoSea's Mysterious Masquerade (ミステリアスマスカレード) was a Disney Sea Halloween show that first premiered in October 2009
Mysterious Masquerade Tokyo Disney Sea Halloween28:39

Mysterious Masquerade Tokyo Disney Sea Halloween


Mickey and the gang are having a masquerade Halloween party outside the Tower of Terror. After the party starts, two cast member hosts warn the guests not to touch the cursed ancient artifacts that surround them. Wanting to prove he's not scared and that curses don't exist, Donald Duck takes a spear from a Tribal Mask. After a tense moment, nothing seems to happen and the party goes on. Everyone is relieved and they continue dancing and having a good time.

However, while everyone is partying, the Tribal Mask comes to life and starts chasing Donald, eventually cornering him on the balcony. Mickey and the gang look up just in time to see the cursed artifacts take Donald and sink through the floor. Donald soon rises up again, now possessed by the spirits and believing he is a savage himself. One by one the gang is taken over; Daisy becomes an Aztec goddess, Goofy a ruthless pirate from Davey Jone's locker. Chip and Dale become Chinese ghosts, and Minnie becomes an evil Egyptian Queen. During their possession they have no memory of who they used to be, as shown when Minnie passes Mickey aside, thinking he is nothing more than a petty commoner.

Cornered by his friends and lover turned evil his mind finally clears from the panic and figures out why the Ghosts chant "Only Tonight". It's Halloween Night, the only night Ghosts can come out to play. He agrees to party with them, but "Only for Tonight". After the ghosts possessing his friends have their fun they depart from their hosts, as they've had their fun and have to run off now, before the sun breaks.


  • Mickey Mouse is the main hero of the party and the only member of the gang who does not become possessed by the spirits. He wears a Halloween-themed Victorian-style outfit, perfect for a masquerade party. 
  • Minnie Mouse, is Mickey's leading lady and the last to get possessed by the curse. While an Egyptian queen, Mickey tries to get her to remember him but she quickly shoves him aside, thinking of him as nothing more than a commoner. During this portion of the show she wears a long silk blue dress, Egyptian crown and jewelry. At the end Mickey saves her and the rest of the gang from the curse and she remembers she loves him again. In the beginning and end she wears a beautiful Halloween-themed masquerade gown.  
  • Donald Duck is the wise guy who activates the curse believing it's just a bunch of bologna. Before he is captured by the tribal mask, Donald wears an outfit similar to Mickey's. Afterward, he wears African style tribal clothing, along with horns and war paint. Like the real Donald the savage Donald still seems to like Daisy, as opposed to the cursed Minnie Mouse not recognizing Mickey. 
  • Daisy Duck wears a masquerade dress similar to Minnie's in the beginning of the show. She is the second member of the gang to get possessed and becomes an Aztec goddess. As Goddess Daisy, Daisy's selfishness is exaggerated and she still seems to love Donald. She wears a teal outfit with gold accents, along with Aztec jewelery and a headdress. 
  • Goofy shows up to the show as a court jester but when the curse is unleashed he is hypnotized by the sounds of the sea and turns into a pirate covered in seaweed from a Davy Jone's Locker! Unlike the normal Goofy, pirate Goofy is not clumsy and comes across as cunning and cruel. 
  • Chip and Dale are possessed by the spirits when they try to help their friends. First Dale is hypnotized and then Chip tries to be the brave one, but soon both are taken by the curse and are turned into gong banging Chinese ghosts. Before and after they wear shirts similar in style to the top of Mickey's outfit. 


Tokyo Disney Sea Mysterious Masquerade Soundtrack 201025:12

Tokyo Disney Sea Mysterious Masquerade Soundtrack 2010


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