Disney Online is a division of Disney Interactive that operates most of Disney online portfolio.


On August 23, 1995, Disney Interactive formed Disney Online unit with the naming of Jake Winebaum as president of Disney Online. On November 19, 1996, the opening of was open under Disney Online business unit. The website was launched on December 9, 1996.

Disney announced on April 18, 1997 that it would purchase Starwave's Family Planet Web site and merge it with The Disney Daily Blast ( web site is official launched on April 23 under a subscription plan and daily content targeted to younger viewers.

In July 1998, Disney Online announced, Disney Internet Guide, a child friendly web directory which is launched in June 1998 and closed one year later in June to focus on Infoseek/Go Network.

Disney sold to Fandango in June 2008. purchased Kerpoof in February 2009.

Online units

    • Disney Online Kerpoof Studios
  • Disney Family Network websites - also called Mom and Family Portfolio
  • DigiSynd, social media marketing
  • Take180 -Disney's YouTube channel