Disney Movies Anywhere is a website and mobile app that presents a fast and easy way to organize one's Disney movies digitally.

For the first time, users can connect their iTunes and Google Play accounts to the service, either by downloading the free app or by logging on to the website, and the system will organize all Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm films that they purchased on iTunes as well as digital copies of films redeemed from Blu-ray/DVDs of movies.



Highlights the latest and greatest Disney movies that could make a worthy addition to your movie collection.


Go though different categories to find a Disney movie you want to add to your film collection via the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

My Collection

This is where users store the Disney films they've previously purchased via iTunes, Google Play and from digital copies of films from software (Blu-ray Discs and DVDs). There are two subsections to this section: the "Movies" section contains the Disney films you have in your collection, while the "Favorites" section highlights movies and bonus features you personally select with a red heart symbol.


Exclusive videos that take you deeper into the world of Disney, including animated shorts, "making of" footage, sneak peeks and more.


When you sign up for Disney Movies Anytime, it also connects to your Disney Movie Rewards account via your preexisting account (if you don't have one, sign up!). When you add a Disney movie to your collection, points will be added to your DMR account.

Exclusive Bonus Features

Main article: Lists of Disney Movies Anywhere exclusives

Most releases come with Bonus Features along with their respective movies, some of which have exclusively premiered on the app or (before the app) through its digital copies. The following is a list of the bonus features that have premiered digitally and can only be accessed through Disney Movies Anywhere that are not listed in the main article as they don't have their timecodes/site description:


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