Disney Magical Dice is a mobile game released April 5, 2016 by Netmarble.


In Disney Magical Dice, players are able to dress up as popular Disney characters, and travel around the game board, building structures, including Disney-themed landmarks. The game includes multiple maps.

Disney Magical Dice allows players to play in a level-based practice mode against Disney characters, and win their costume cards as rewards. In addition, the game offers two real-time multiplayer modes (free-for-all and a two-on-two team mode), and features three different classes for players to choose from; Rookie, Minor and Major.


Disney landmarks

  • Cinderella castle
  • Peter Pan's Jolly Roger
  • Daisy's garden

Costume cards

Card collection and power-ups

Expand your collection of Disney costume card avatars and strengthen them through power-ups and fusion to be the best at the game.

Play modes

Multiplayer games of up to 4 players playing at the same time using Bluetooth or the internet.

Global competition via rankings

COMPETE with international players as well as your friends. EARN rewards for winning.