Disney Dossiers: Files of Characters from the Walt Disney Studios is a book written by Jeff Kurtii and published by Disney in 2006. It features profiles for many characters from the Disney animated features.

Characters profiled

Almost Standards
Unlikely Heroes
Group Acts
Other Mice
Forest Fauna
The Human Touch
The Magic Touch
Perpetual Children
Extra-Evil Villains
Mythical or Legendary


  • Mickey's filmography highlights includes The Country Cousin, a Silly Symphony that he did not appear in.
  • Donald's filmography highlights includes DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, which he was not actually in (he only had a portrait cameo).
  • Despite that they both had cameos in it, Teacher's Pet is not listed on Pinocchio or the Blue Fairy's filmographies.
  • Despite that they appeared in an episode of it, Hercules: The Animated Series is not listed on Aladdin or Jafar's filmographies.
  • Aladdin's profile states he has no parents, contradicting the fact that Aladdin and the King of Thieves revealed that his father was alive and well.
  • Cam Clarke is not listed as one of Simba's voice actors.
  • Quasimodo's fact sheet does not list Madellaine as his second significant other.
  • Ariel's profile neglects to mention her daughter Melody in her fact-sheet. This is especially odd, because Ursula's profile mentions Morgana and even includes a picture of her.
  • Kuzco's profile states that he has no significant other, despite that Malina had already been introduced prior to the book's publication. Also, J.P. Manoux is not listed as one of his voice actors.
  • Baloo's profile states that he does not work well with King Louie, but they were best friends in TaleSpin and Jungle Cubs.
  • Sebastian's filmography neglects to include Raw Toonage and Marsupilami.
  • Timon and Pumbaa's full names are given as just Timon and Pumbaa, despite that their TV series revealed them to have the surnames Berkowitz and Smith, respectively. Also, Nathan Lane is Timon's only listed voice actor.
  • Bonkers is not listed on March Hare and Mad Hatter's filmography. Also, their current voice actors, Maurice LaMarche and Corey Burton, are not listed.
  • In Tarzan, Jane, and Clayton's filmographies, The Legend of Tarzan is incorrectly called Tarzan and listed as having come out in 2003, two years after it actually premiered.
  • Morty and Ferdie's filmography consists of Gulliver Mickey and Mickey's House of Villains, neither of which they actually appeared in. Bizarrely, the films they actually did appear in (Mickey's Steamroller, Boat Builders, and Mickey's Christmas Carol) are not listed.
  • Cody's profile lists Jake as his sidekick, despite that they didn't even meet until near the end of the movie.
  • The Queen's profile gives her full name only as "The Queen", despite old publicity materials and comics having given it as Queen Grimhilde. This error is especially strange because one of the pictures used for the profile is a panel from the very comic strip in which her full name was revealed.
  • Captain Hook's profile states that his "first name may be John or James", despite it officially being stated to be James in Return to Never Land.
  • April Winchell is not listed as one of Cruella's voice actors.
  • Scar's name is just given as "Scar" with no mention of the name he was born with (Taka).