Disneys childrens favorites lp volume 2
Disney childrens favorites 2
Disney children's favorites volume 2
Children's favorite songs volume 2
Children's favorites volume 2

Disney's Children's Favorite Songs Volume 2 is a record containing 25 classic children’s songs. The songs are performed by Larry Groce and The Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus (Choral Director: Betty Joyce). The record was produced in 1979 by Jymn Magon, and engineered by George Charouhas for Walt Disney Records. Distribution by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.[1]

Track listing

All songs are public domain unless otherwise noted.

  1. "The Farmer in the Dell"
  2. "Yankee Doodle"
  3. "On Top of Old Smoky"
  4. Sailing Medley: "Blow the Man Down"/"My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean"/"Sailing, Sailing"/"Drunken Sailor"
  5. "Camptown Races" (Stephen Foster)
  6. "Old Blue"
  7. "Here We Go Loopty-Loo"
  8. "The Sidewalks of New York"
  9. "Shortnin' Bread"
  10. "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"
  11. "Thumbelina (from the Disneyland/Golden Book Read-Along Thumbelina)" (Larry Groce)
  12. "The Bear Went Over the Mountain"
  13. "Red River Valley"
  14. "Skip to My Lou"
  15. "Swanee River" (Stephen Foster)
  16. Western Medley: "The Yellow Rose of Texas"/"Buffalo Gals"
  17. "London Bridge"
  18. "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush"
  19. "Frère Jacques"
  20. "The Dump Truck Song (from the Disneyland/Golden Book Read-Along The Happy Man And His Dump Truck)" (Larry Groce)
  21. "Bingo"
  22. "Polly Wolly Doodle"
  23. "There Was an Old Lady"
  24. "Carrot Stew (from the Disneyland/Golden Book Read-Along Tawny Scrawny Lion)" (Larry Groce)
  25. "When the Saints Go Marching In"


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