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Disney Channel Games 2007

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The Disney Channel Games 2007 is a mini-series on Disney Channel. This was the second year the games have run.

This year a new team has been added the Yellow team, also two of the teams have been expanded to nine people per team, while the other two still contain eight. This year there are international Disney Channel stars competing. Each team is supporting a certain charity, and the winning team wins the DC games trophy and earns some money for the charity that they are supporting. This year’s games are energy efficient, with all the expenses used to make the games being put forth into a renewable energy found. The games are hosted by Phil Lewis, and Brian Stepanek. Missed episodes can be seen on Disney XD, with Sterling from Disney 365, and Madison Pettis from Cory in the House hosting. The games were hosted at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The third event (Dance-Dunk) had three judges they were: Phil, Brian, and Madison. Cartoon characters from various Disney Channel shows occasionally appear in the audience cheering on certain teams.

Opening ceremonies

The opening ceremonies of the 2007 DC games aired on June 15, 2007. The ceremonies explained how the games worked, introduced the teams, and had two special concert performances; one by Corbin Bleu, who sang his song Deal with it, and the other by Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) singing her song Life’s What You Make It.

The Teams

The Red Team

The Red team is supporting the Make a Wish foundation.

The Blue Team

The Blue team is supporting the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation.

  • Corbin Bleu (Captain) from Jump In!
  • Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Kiely Williams from the The Cheetah Girls 1&2
  • Jake T. Austin from Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board
  • Maiara Walsh from Cory In The House
  • Isabella Soric - From Disney Channel Germany
  • Giulio Rubinelli - From Disney Channel Italy
  • Roger Gonzalez - From Disney Channel Mexico

The Green Team

The Green team is supporting the Boys and Girls clubs of America.

  • Dylan Sprouse (Captain) from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Monique Coleman from High School Musical 1&2
  • Lucas Grabeel from High School Musical 1&2
  • Brandon Baker from Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board
  • Giulia Boverio - From Disney Channel Italy
  • Pax Baldwin - From Disney Channel United Kingdom
  • Kouki Okada - From Disney Channel Japan
  • Bela Klentze - From Disney Channel Germany
  • Miley Cyrus - From Hannah Montana

The Yellow Team

The Yellow team is supporting the US found for UNICEF.

The Challenges

  • Week one: Extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors (Yellow victory)
  • Week two: Outrageous Obstacle Course (Red victory)
  • Week three: Dance-Dunk-Off (Blue victory)
  • Week four: Extreme Egg Toss (Yellow victory)
  • Week five: Dunk Tank (Green Victory)
  • Week six: Hamsterball Bowling (Yellow victory)
  • Week seven: Super Soccer (Yellow victory)
  • Week eight: Simon Says (Red victory)

Green Team Won the Disney Channel games 2007!

Closing Ceremonies

The Closing Ceremonies announced which team won, and had concert performances by the Cheetah Girls, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus.

The Score Board

Red Team - 150 - 200 - 100 - 75 - 150 - 100 - 150 - 200 Total: 1125

Blue Team - 75 - 75 - 200 - 100 - 75 - 150 - 75 - 100 Total: 850

Green Team - 50 - 50 - Total: 100

Yellow Team - 1 - Total:1

Green Team won the bonus points every week.

The MVP's

  • Extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors MVP Dylan Sprouse of the Green Team
  • Outrageous Obstacle Course MVP Kouki Okada of the Green Team
  • Dance-Dunk-Off MVP Monique Coleman of the Green Team
  • Extreme Egg Toss MVP Dylan Sprouse of the Green Team
  • Dunk Tank MVP Lucas Grabeel of the Green Team
  • Hamsterball Bowling MVP Jason Earles of the Red Team
  • Super Soccer MVP Ashley Tisdale of the Red Team
  • Simon Says MVP Jason Earles of the Red Team