Since its launch on April 1983 , Disney Channel had some bumpers and identification bumpers to grab the viewers' attention.


  • Disney's sign-on bumper featured the Mickey Mouse satellite beaming a signal to Earth, to a home, with a man holding a shortened replica of the aforementioned satellite. Back to the satellite orbiting Earth. A beam is signaled back to it. The bumper ends with an explosion.
  • Disney's sign-off bumper has the satellite descending to Earth, producing a Mickey-Mouse shape in colored lights in an area, then it pans to the screen, producing more colored lights. The bumper ends with the logo lighting up. The announcer, Jerry Bishop, said, during the bumper's run: "The Disney Channel wishes you a wonderful tomorrow. And remember, you always have a place to turn to: Your family place, The Disney Channel. And now...good night."
  • Disney also had a bumper in which the satellite panned through the screen, producing colored lights. The logo then shows, lighting up. The announcer calls "The Disney Channel."


Since the channel's 1987 rebrand, Disney Channel had bumpers that were animated by the now-defunct Colossal Pictures. There were even some that were live-action, with a Mickey Mouse puppet driving, getting pictures made, sorting clothes for his closet, testing his teleportation machine, etc. His face remains unseen in these.

Starting in 1991, Donald Duck also had his own bumpers, which were animated by Robert Lyons. Like Mickey in his bumpers, Donald's face remains unseen. They take place in Quackertown (where Donald Duck is the Mayor), and they were aimed towards children in the early 90's.[1][2][3][4]


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