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Disney Blu-ray 3D

Disney Blu-ray 3D are Disney Blu-ray movies that can be watched on a 3DHD TV.


Cover Film Released Returned to the Disney Vault
AChristmasCarol 3D Bluray A Christmas Carol November 16, 2010 TBA
AliceInWonderland 3D Bluray Alice in Wonderland December 7, 2010 TBA
91ihnccqLUL. AA1500 Tangled March 29, 2011 TBA
TronUprising 3D Bluray TRON: Legacy April 5, 2011 TBA
23800 front Mars Needs Moms August 9, 2011
51p04lOLvlL The Nightmare Before Christmas August 30, 2011 TBA
517RyYButRL The Lion King: Diamond Edition October 4, 2011 April 30, 2013
61H-Xutd6tL Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition October 4, 2011 April 30, 2012
OST3Dbluray Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides October 18, 2011 TBA
Toy Story 1 Toy Story November 1, 2011
Toy Story II Toy Story 2
Toy Story III Toy Story 3
Cars2 3D Bluray Cars 2 TBA
ChickenLittle3DBlurayComboBluNews Chicken Little November 8, 2011
MeetTheRobinsons3D Meet the Robinsons
Boltbd3d Bolt
G-Force-br-us-3D G-Force
JohnCarter 3-D Bluray John Carter June 5, 2012 TBA
511ijRjQfAL SY300 Ghosts of the Abyss September 11, 2012
61ne2cTSzvL Secret of the Wings October 23, 2012 TBA
DVfCHLt6H98til 1 l Brave November 12, 2012
51tACsiFEUL Finding Nemo: Ultimate Collectors Edition December 4, 2012 TBA
91MXDQLvk6L SL1500 Frankenweenie January 8, 2013
MonstersInc 3D Bluray Monsters Inc.: Ultimate Collectors Edition February 19, 2013 TBA
WreckItRalph UltimateCollectorsEdition BluRay Wreck-It Ralph: Ultimate Collectors Edition March 5, 2013 TBA
71PmgoTEnnL SL1328 Oz the Great and Powerful June 11, 2013
TheLittleMermaid 3-D Bluray The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition October 1, 2013 April 30, 2016
DVECC06LrQj7HL 1 l Monsters University October 29, 2013
51-5KFaVpBL Cars
81254 front Planes November 19, 2013
Inside Out Blu-ray 3D cover Inside Out November 3, 2015
From this point onward, most releases are international only; all dates given are of the earliest 3D release dates.
Frozen 3D Frozen March 14, 2014
Maleficent 3D Maleficent September 19, 2014
Planes fire & rescue 3D Planes: Fire & Rescue November 7, 2014

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