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Disney Babies Lullaby: Favorite Sleepytime Songs for Baby and You is a 1991 Walt Disney Records album featuring sleepytime songs for young children.


  • Audio CD (September 19, 1991)
  • Original Release Date: 1991
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Walt Disney Records
  • ASIN: B000001M0Z

Track listings

  1. When You Wish Upon A Star - Stephen Bishop
  2. Baby Mine - Paige Morehead
  3. Hush Little Baby - Rick Schulman
  4. Dreams Are The Flowers (That Bloom In Your Heart) - Jackie Cusic
  5. Brahms Lullaby (Lullaby And Good Night) - Jon Sherberg
  6. Stay Awake - Karen Taylor-Good
  7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Jackie Cusic
  8. All The Pretty Little Horses - Jackie Cusic
  9. Golden Slumbers - Billy Gaines
  10. Fast Asleep - Paige Morehead
  11. La La Lu - Jane Sherberg
  12. Rockabye Baby - Larry Groce
  13. Sleep, Daddy, Sleep - Andy Blackford
  14. Mountain Lullaby - Larry Groce
  15. Sleep Little Child - Larry Groce
  16. Sleepytime Skies - Jackie Cusic
  17. Ho Ho Hum - Rick Schulman
  18. Countin' Sheep - Paige Morehead
  19. Nighty Night - Jane Sherberg
  20. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Donna McElroy

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