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1983 Version (Requires 9-Volt Batteries).

Disney's Wonderful World of Color is a Disney based toy by Mattel inc. (As part of See 'N Say). Each Disney character (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy) demonstrates different colors and their items.

Color and Dialog

You point with the pointer to a picture and then you pull the string (or in 1983, the lever). The sound is played when the pointer spins around. Different pictures makes different sound file.

  • Purple

Announcer: PURPLE!

Minnie Mouse: These Purple Grapes are Delicious .

  • White

Announcer: WHITE!

Goofy: Uh, Snow is White. (Goofy's Laugh)

  • Orange

Announcer: ORANGE!

Daisy Duck: (As she pours a cup of Juice) The Juice is Orange.

  • Green

Announcer: GREEN!

Donald Duck: The Tree is Green.

  • Black

Announcer: BLACK!

Mickey Mouse: Aha! My Ears are Black.

  • Pink

Announcer: PINK!

Minnie Mouse: I just love this new pink dress.

  • Brown

Announcer: BROWN!

Donald Duck: My Teddy Bear is Brown.

  • Blue

Announcer: BLUE!

Goofy: The sky is blue, And so as my balloon.

  • Yellow

Announcer: YELLOW!

Daisy Duck: My Little Bird is Yellow. (Bird chirps)

  • Red

Announcer: RED!

Mickey Mouse: My Fire Engine is Red. (Horn Honks)