Disney's Natsu Matsuri was a summer event that happened at Tokyo Disneyland at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. It began on July 9, 2012, and ended on August 31, 2012.

The second edition to the summer event began on July 8, 2013 and will end on September 2, 2013.


Disney's Natsu Matsuri is a Japanese-style summer festival with the Disney touch.

The main venue for Disney's Natsu Matsuri is the plaza in front of Cinderella Castle. Here the Disney friends will turn up the sizzle with a lively dance contest called "Soryo Kobu".

The Disney friends lead eight different dance teams, showing off their moves to hip hop, Latin and pop music, all with an added Japanese element. As the contest heats up, huge columns of water shoot up from around Cinderella Castle, soaking everyone as the Guests join in the dancing.

At night, it's the final competition between the four winning teams from the preliminary rounds. The stage lights up with color, and the excitement swells with more music, dancing, spraying water, and blazes of fire-an exhilarating summer bash for all.


2012 version

Soryo Kobu "The Hot Challenge" Soryo Kobu "The Hot Challenge" is the preliminary round of a dance competition in which the Disney friends vie for the title of "grand master" of the matsuri. The Disney pals, divided into eight teams, compete for a place in the final round, which takes place at night.

As the dancing quickens to lively music with a Japanese twist, gigantic columns of water shoot out from Cinderella Castle toward the Guest. The whole venue is soaked and the dancing heats up as the Guests join together with the Disney pals.

Soryo Kobu "The Final" Soryo Kobu "The Final" is the final dance contest, with the four winning teams from the preliminary rounds showing off their exciting dances. In a venue drenched by shooting water, lighted in different colors and blazing with fire, this competition sizzles with enthusiasm and excitement as only a summer night can.

2013 edition

Soryo Kobu "The Embu" Soryo Kobu "The Embu" is the dance competition to see which Disney character team will be crowned the Grand Master of the Matsuri. Mickey Mouse and Pluto begin drumming on Japanese takio to mark the start of each performance. A different team performs each time, showing off their moves to lively music.

Guests can help add some steam to the excitement by joining in the "heat of the dance" and pushing up the "heat up level meter". When the meter reaches the highest point, tons of water shoot out from Cinderella Castle. The hot, intense dancing with water and more water spraying everywhere makes for a show that's sure to cool Guests off!

Soryo Kobu "The Final" In the nighttime dance contest, Soryo Kobu "The Final", the four teams of Disney characters compete to determine the Grand Master. The night heats up with excitement as each team presents a different style of dancing, and the area in front of Cinderella Castle is colorfully lit up and splashed with tons of water. The four teams gather on the stage for the final decision when something unexpected happens. So, will a winner will be decided?



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