Disney's Magic English (Disney's Magic Inglés in Spanish) is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with their favorite Disney characters! The interactive DVD and activities books bring educational adventures to life with stories, songs and games! Disney Magic English makes learning fun and enjoyable - just like playing a game! Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified specialists in the English Language education. Ideal for children 2 years or more.

The program, by combining the high entertainment value that children expect from Disney with sound pedagogical approach to language teaching, provides an unparalleled learning experience with the help of the best known and beloved Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Woody, Lilo & Stitch and Monsters Inc and bonus features never seen before - including quizzes, new games, guess letters and many more! Magic Inglés is the perfect way to introduce children to the English language.


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