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Disney's Magic Artist Cartoon Maker is a 2001 Disney CD-ROM game featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Product Description

Using Disney's Magic Artist Cartoon Maker, kids can create their own animated cartoon shorts. Design and customize colorful animated sequences, then add music, effects, props, titles, and credits. Design a range of animated shorts, then queue them up, and add a guest star and a bonus Disney short to create a complete show for family and friends.

Imagine being turned loose in an animator's studio, with free access to all the tools and tricks of the trade. Perfect for kids who like to tinker and experiment, the software offers unlimited options for fun, but is quite tricky to use. Even with the narrated help provided, it will take time for children (and adults) to learn the program's many functions and how to use each tool. That said, this is a terrific program with which kids create their own animated cartoon movies starring the Disney characters. They select and position backgrounds, characters, props, sound effects, and music, and combine scenes into movies, complete with title screens, credits and special effects. Children can draw and use their own artwork in their cartoons and can import their own photos as well. In addition to the cartoons, kids can make flipbooks and other printable projects. There's even an area where they can take animation lessons from real Disney animators. A second CD, the previously released Disney's Magic Artist Deluxe, is also included. Note that we think the ease of use issues make the program best for children ages eight and up.