"Disney's Halloween Parade" (ディズニー・ハロウィーン・パレード) is a theme song written by David Duffy and composed by Jonathan Barr and Tom Rau for the 2001 Tokyo Disneyland Halloween parade. It was also the main theme to the 2002 and 2003 versions, and has been incorporated into many of the park's Halloween parade songs thereafter.


Come on everyone and join the harvest
With costumes and fun, let's see who's best dressed
Surprises are hiding in every place
So don't be afraid of a funny face
Let's make lots of noise
Come on girls and boys
There's more than you could ever dream
Have a happy happy Disney's Halloween!

At the time you feel a fright
From spooky creatures in the night
Well don't be scared of what you see
Cause this is Disney's Halloween

Grab your costume, now's your chance
Fill your tights or baggy pants
Let's all do the new Halloween dance!