Disney's Comics in 3-D was a two-part comic book series made by The Walt Disney Company in 1992.

Unlike most comic books, the stories are presented in stereoscopic 3-D stereo. Both issues contained reprints of stories from older issues of Disney comics.

List of stories

Cover Issue title Featured stories
Disneys comics in 3d Disney Comics in 3-D
Roger rabbit in 3d Roger Rabbit in 3-D
  • Roger Rabbit: Gym Dandy (Reprinted from Roger Rabbit #2)
  • Roger Rabbit: The Candy Cane Mutiny (Reprinted from Roger Rabbit #6)
  • Roger Rabbit: Movin to the Music (Reprinted from Roger Rabbit #11)
  • Roger Rabbit: Cotton Tailspin (Reprinted from Roger Rabbit #4)

3-D comics were later used for issues of Disney Adventures Magazine in the early to mid-1990s.

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