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"Disney's All-American Sports Nuts" is an episode of The Magical World of Disney. It originally aired on NBC on October 16, 1988.


A special, broadcast as part of "The Magical World of Disney," featuring star athletes in comedy sketches and integrating classic animation from the Disney sports library. Also featured is a comedy cameo by Ladybird Johnson, filmed at the Lyndon Johnson Library at the University of Texas in Austin. Clips from Disney films are combined with real sports footage in homage to the athletes of the 1988 Olympics.


  • Susan Ruttan ... Herself
  • David Leisure ... Himself
  • John Matuszak ... Himself
  • Janet Evans ... Herself
  • Brian Boitano ... Himself
  • Caitlyn Jenner ... Himself
  • Danny Sullivan ... Himself
  • Willie Shoemaker ... Himself
  • Tracy Austin ... Herself
  • James Worthy ... Himself
  • Bubba Smith ... Himself
  • Ladybird Johnson ... Herself

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