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The print advertisement for the block in its premiere season.

Disney's 1 Too was a children's programming block that aired on Sunday and weekday mornings on UPN. It was a spinoff of Disney's One Saturday Morning, and resembled The Disney Afternoon.


In January 1998, UPN began talks with the Walt Disney Company to run a daily two-hour Disney kids block, but the talks with Disney were called off a week later due to a dispute over branding, the block, and deciding how much E/I programming Disney would provide. UPN then began talks with Nickelodeon, at which time UPN made a deal with Saban Entertainment to program the block on Sunday mornings.

In March 1998, UPN resumed talks with Disney and in April, UPN made a deal with Disney to air Disney programming on Sunday mornings (8-10 a.m.) and weekday afternoons (3-5 p.m.). The new lineup, a sister block to Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC, would be called Disney's One Too. Originally announced as "Whomptastic Weekdays" (though changed likely due to it being a word used in the animated series Recess as a substitute for "sucks"), the block debuted on September 5, 1999.

The Disney's One Too block was also seen in Canada on the family-oriented specialty channel Family, which has long been associated with The Walt Disney Company due to its carriage of Disney-produced feature films and television series (and which currently serves as the Canadian broadcaster of Disney Channel's original programming).

Many shows formerly featured on Disney's One Too continued in reruns on Toon Disney and the Disney Channel. The block's last airdate was August 29, 2003, leaving UPN as the only major broadcast television network without children's programming.

Approximate lineup by seasons

Date Range8:00am (Sun)/3:00pm (Mon-Fri)8:30am (Sun)/3:30pm (Mon-Fri)9:00am (Sun)/4:00pm (Mon-Fri)9:30am (Sun)/4:30pm (Mon-Fri)
September 5, 1999–February 4, 2000HerculesDougSabrina: The Animated SeriesRecess
February 6, 2000–September 1, 2000DougSabrina: The Animated SeriesPepper AnnRecess
September 3, 2000–August 31, 2001Pepper AnnSabrina: The Animated SeriesBuzz Lightyear of Star CommandRecess
September 2, 2001-August 30, 2002The Weekenders/Sabrina: The Animated SeriesRecessBuzz Lightyear of Star CommandThe Legend of Tarzan
September 1, 2002-August 29, 2003Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandRecessDigimonThe Legend of Tarzan
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