Dijonay Jones[1] is a recurring character in Disney Channel's The Proud Family.


Physical appearance

Even though she is African-American, she has gold/blonde hair, which could've been dyed. Dijonay wears a lavender buttoned, midriff shirt with a sky blue pullover jacket over it. She also dons a blue skirt that touches the top of her knees.


The Proud Family

She is Penny's selfish, chubby and enthusiastic best friend. She loves to gossip, and has gotten Penny into trouble many times. She has an obsessive crush on Sticky Webb, who is trying to avoid her affection. Eventually, Penny had to stop trusting Dijonay, since the latter always mistreated her, though the girls still remain friends. Dijonay's name is a pun on dijonaise, and she has 9 wild younger siblings all named after different spices, seasonings, and condiments. She is also in LPDZ.

Episode Appearances

All of the episodes. 


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  • Dijonay's name is a pun on the name of Best Foods'/Hellmann's Djionnaise - and she has 9 younger siblings all named after spices, seasonings and condiments.
  • In Makeover, it is implied Dijonay wears a pillow inside of the back of her skirt. 
  • Penny, Trudy, Oscar, Dijonay and Suga Mama are the only characters to be in all the episodes.