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Splashdance-Digital Duck02:14

Splashdance-Digital Duck

"Digital Duck" is the third track on the 1983 album Mickey Mouse Splashdance.


Sorry everybody

I'm not home

Please leave a message

At the sound of the tone

Gizmos and gadgets

Electric devices

A microwave blender that cuts, chops, and dices

Chocolate detectors

Alarms that go boom

Donald has dozens in every room


He's a d-d-d-d-digital duck

A d-d-d-d-digital duck

Donald loves his gadgets

Even though they run amok

He's a d-d-d-d-digital duck

His marshmallow toaster

Croaks as it spins

Games he can play

The games always win

Gravity sandals to climb up the walls

Switches a switch that do nothing at all


Widgets and wadgets

Digital gadgets

You switch 'em and bat 'em

Flip 'em and fight 'em

Magnets with motors

Robots with rotors

You name it, he's got it

If he doesn't, he'll get it


CHORUS (higher)

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