Digger is a Crystalyd Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. It was given to Eli by Vance Bolt in "The Slug Run". He appears again in "Snowdance". In "The Thrill of the Game" Digger, along with Spinner, is seen helping the Shane Gang escape The Game Master's lair. He is also used by Pronto in "Snowdance" to make a tunnel so the Shane Gang can escape the cavern.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can drill through soft materials.
  • Tremor Tunnel - Digs an escape tunnel through any type of rock.
  • Terrafirma - Hits the ground and creates a patch of churning rock and sand, dragging down foe.
  • Slabsaw - Digs through a wall, creating a spinning ring of rocks used to attack foe.
  • Vibroquake - Tunnels into ground, creates a sink hole to trap foe.